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We are specialized in the liaison work,/ export & import / shipping / audit / Inspection of Home products such as, Furniture, Bathing, Handicrafts, Decorative Art Products, etc.

Welcome To Art Constellation

We are a Buying agency, situated in the outskirts of New Delhi. We represent Retailer̢۪s, wholesalers and Importer̢۪s in their buying requirements

We specialize in consultation for Merchandising or liaison work, Export & Import, Consolidation, Third Party Audits, Quality Assurance Inspections and Shipping.

Understanding growing customer needs and as extension to our consultation services, we have recently covered the entire umbrella of Supply chain activities from design, product development, sourcing, purchasing, production/manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, logistics, all the way to repair/maintenance and customer service as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities.


To  become  a  global  leader  in  the segment of  Global Sourcing/Liaison Representation along with  Third party Audits through continuous  investment  in  systems  processes, brand  buy outs  and  human  resources  to  deliver  high  quality of Services and  unique  designs at  competitive  Prices.

Who is it For?

An Organization with a need to ensure suppliers are following ethical practices and maintain product quality, from Specialty stores, wholesaler, corporates to multinational retailers.

Art C is catering to the requirements of clients from all industries, with different specialized teams defining the exact testing protocols for the required product.

Why Partner with Art C?

  • Your Control in the Factory - We are an independent company, working on your side to represent and secure your business interests.
  • Safer – Art C follows the most stringent international standards ensuring product safety and regulatory requirements are met.
  • Speed and Flexibility - We guarantee to provide the fastest correspondence to coordinate and submit feedback on Inspection. Clients are allowed to cancel or re-schedule Inspection until 2pm India time, a day before.
  • Comprehensive and detailed Inspection Reports – most of the reports are delivered on the same day as the inspection. Every report is inclusive of detailed pictures; you see what the inspector see’s.